neck perfect anti aging neck mask  
  • No More Loose or Hanging Skin
  • No More Double Chin or Neck Folds
  • Reverse and Prevent the Effects of Aging
  • No Expensive Surgery or Pills
  • No Pain and Safe to Use
  • Look Good, Feel good!
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Dr Huber De meyer

Double chin is a chubby layer of skin hanging below your chin.
The origins of your double chin can be narrowed down to a few main causes: genetics, slack facial muscles, and caloric intake. A double chin can also be caused by poor circulation. Poor posture or habitual chin tucking can also lead to the formation of a double chin.

The facial look of a woman can be improved by many techniques like make up, cosmetic surgery and surgical operations. However, double chin cannot be lifted easily by means of surgery or cosmetics. That’s where double chin is not easy to get rid off.

Now, you’re thinking to yourself, "There's no way I’m getting rid of a double chin if those are the causes." Well, in a way you're right, age will take its toll and you’ll eventually have to come to terms with loose skin.

There is a procedure is called mentoplasty. You have to imagine that any work done on the bone structure of your jaw or the layers of tissue you have under your jaw will be extremely painful. Are you willing to endure that much pain to get rid of a double chin?


Foundation can also look dirty and the last thing you want people to see or think they see, is a dirty neck and collar. It is not a long term solution. You got to spend time everyday bluffing everyone including yourself! How long are you willing to procrestinate?


Exercising is only effective if you are doing the right way! There are physically fit and thin people out there that still have double chin. You need something to help you focus only your neck and jaw-line!

progressive resistance

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tightened and re-distributed
myNeckLine uses progressive resistance to gently firm underlying muscles of the neck and tightens the skin at the same time for a dramatic lift. Comes in three resistance levels for different intensity.
Complete with 2 sets of exercises to tone your neck, chin and jaw. Just 2 minutes a day to get your perfect neckline. Fats and loose skin around the neck, jaw and cheeks areas are tightened and re-distributed.



tick No Painful Surgery,
tick No Expensive Pills,
tick Easy and Effective
tick Look and Feel Better!



It’s wise to maintain your muscle tone in every muscle in your body, including your face. We can start to lose facial tone in our late teens through inactivity and poor posture. Why wait for the sagging muscles to appear before you start? The sooner you get started the better. Prevention is better and easier than finding a cure.
neckperfect neckline slimmer testimonial

My mom loved the product. I got it for her birthday this year and she seemed to have gotten rid of a layer of sagging skin below her chin after practicing the myNeckLine exercises.

Beth Kuder, United states

I received myNeckLine as a gift last month and had been doing the exercises regularly. Not only did I tone up the layer of fats under my chin, I also feel that I had strengthened my neck muscles and my neck pains seem to have gone away!

Kristine Linderman, United States

I'm only in my mid-twenties and used to have a double chin until I started using myNeckLine. The results are amazing and I've since recommended myNeckLine to my family members as double chins seem to be in our genes.

John Erika, United States

myNeckLine now sits on my office desk and I use it regularly every day while I am in the office. It's simple and easy to use and I've seen visible results only after two weeks.

Jessica Organ, United States

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